The Cross Collection

Coins featuring one of the oldest physical depictions of the Christian cross. 


    There is no such thing as two identical artifacts. Every artifact you buy has its own history. Even coins which have the same design show different signs of wear and tear based on who made them, who held them, and where they were left behind. History speaks differently to all of us. When you purchase a piece from Treasure Island Artifacts, the image you see is the exact artifact you are purchasing!


    Collecting artifacts is meant to be meaningful and enjoyable, but often becomes the opposite when dealing with a fraudulent seller or inadvertantly purchasing a counterfeit item. That is why Treasure Island Artifacts takes precautions to ensure that all items sold are exactly what they are purported to be. Whether through background checks, thorough inspection, or independent verification, Treasure Island Artifacts will ensure that your purchase is authentic; guaranteed.


    To hold an artifact in your hand is to hold a moment of the past. A moment that has withstood all the wonders, chaos, and time that followed it. A moment now enshrined in a single small object. Ancient Roman coins were created to celebrate a military victory or the coming of a new Emperor. Native American arrowheads were left behind after a hunter fired upon his prey. This once treasured jewelry became historic artifacts when they slipped from the hands of the owner and became lost to time. When you own an artifact, you have more than a coin, ring, arrowhead, or newspaper. What you’ve acquired is a small moment in history.