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Ancient Roman Coin with Cross

Ancient Roman Coin with Cross

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These coins are extremely unique due to the fact that they feature one of the oldest physical depictions of a cross in existence!

This piece is a genuine Ancient Roman bronze coin struck during the reign of Theodosius II. The obverse features a portrait of the emperor, while the reverse clearly depicts a cross encircled by a wreath. In the early years after the death of Christ, but before the adoption of the cross, the Christian symbol was the lesser-known “Chi Rho”. The coins in this collection are some of the first examples of the switch from the Chi Rho to the cross.

***The coin pictured is the exact coin you will receive!***

Theodosius II

Theodosius II is famous for his adoption of Roman law dubbed the Theodosian law code, the construction of the Theodosian walls that defended the city’s western front, and for founding the University of Constantinople. After an untimely death due to injuries sustained during a riding accident in 450, he was succeeded by his sister Pulcheria.


The piece comes with a certificate of authenticity, certified by Robin L. Danziger of the American Numismatist Association.




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Care Instructions

This is an extremely old piece—please do your part in preserving your piece of history by handling it with extreme care, as the oils of your fingers will degrade it over time.

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